a motorized refrigerator for delivering cold Beverage

Video by Wall Street Journal Video 3 April 2016

"It was December 2014 when Korea Yakult introduced the first electric carts for "delivery ladies" as a way to improve its door-to-door sales service. There were many detractors in the beginning as the cart, which cost 8 million won (US$6,800) a piece, was too expensive to justify the investment. Nonetheless, the company has kept increasing the number of carts, reaching now the 5,000 mark. (17-06-2016, Korea Economic Daily)" Now it reaches 12,000 and ready to deliver ice cream bars. 


Model: Electric Motor Cart

Max speed : 8 Km/h

Max Range: 46.8 Km (12 hours) 

Climbing: 20%

Battery: 48V/82Ah/Li-ion  

Dimension: 807X1447X1224(mm)

Weight: 296 Kg

Refrigerator: 220 liter

Passenger: 1 person

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