Past & Origin:


July 2010: Professor Edwin Kohl, CEO and owner of a German blue chip pharmaceutical company buys Heuliez from the French government and changes its name to MIA ELECTRIC SAS in order to create the first electric vehicle homologated for larger series (12,000/year). 

October 2010: KOHL hires MAGNUM PIREX AG, a German engineering company  headed by Dr.Hubert Mäncher known for its innovative research and product  development in electrical drive train and range extenders.

October 2010-December 2013: Euro 122 Million cash invested in the product   development, homologation, molds, IP, marketing and 380 French workers imposed by the French government.

Fox era 

FOX AUTOMOTIVE is a US registered company and owner of the material an intangible assets of MIA ELECTRIC.

FOX  corporate mission is to become the Volkswagen of electric cars by providing the world with affordable mobility options. It strives to be the leading PEOPLE'sEV car.

July 9, 2015: FOX shareholders acquire via public auction all of the assets of MIA ELECTRIC SAS.  MIA   is being “rebooted”.

January 2016: FOX awards all the future assembly and servicing rights for already  existing MIA cars to the MAGNUM GROUP.

May 31, 2017: FOX signs Manufacturing Facility Purchase and Transfer Agreement  with SJ Tech Co. Ltd., a South Korean company specialising in smart technology and a key seal supplier for global automotive OEM. SJ Tech Co. Ltd. will act as a third third-party        manufacturer, for Europe and Asia. SJ Tech Co. Ltd. also acquires the licensing rights  for South Korea.


October 2017: First groundbreaking ceremony for MIA FACTORY in Gangwando, South Korea

December 2017: FOX TECH Partner MAGNUM  signed with the government of Anders Pradesh, India for the establishment of an EV factory

April 2018: Agreement signed with Micro Cars, Sri Lanka for MIA factory in Sri Lanka

August 2018: FOX EV bus sold to the City of Hyderabad

September 2018: Incorporation of MIA LANKA, Sri Lanka 

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